Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hayden Panettiere's House

Well, not anymore but it used to be the house Hayden Panettiere rented before my friend Ashley moved in!

It is the cutest little house in West Hollywood.  The house is tucked away on a side street off of Melrose in a perfect little neighborhood!

My friend had a birthday party here last Saturday and I had to share some pictures with you.  Ashley and her Mom did the most amazing job on the decor and food!  The party was held outside in the backyard..look at this amazing table set-up!

Ashley and her Mom made the floral arrangements themselves with flowers from the farmers market and the grocery store!  Here is a close up.  I mean, really?!?!

And another view..

I love the lanterns in the tree!

The table above had two amazing cheese boards and then there was a table on the other side of the yard with little sandwiches and a yummy quiche.

How great is that table with the umbrella and elephant stand!  She purchased the umbrella from Calypso Home.  So fab!  Here is a close up of the food:)

Sweet ending to a perfect party.

I will have to do a post on the inside of the house sometime.  Ashley has the most fabulous taste in the interior decor too!


  1. very nice...=D
    really love your blog

    follow u of course..

  2. OMG!!! I love Ashley's house!! So cute. She has always mastered that shabby chic look. :)

  3. such a cute little cottage! thanks for sharing



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