Friday, April 29, 2011

Chic Wine Tasting in Healdsburg

Happy Friday!  I wish I was here!  Healdsburg is by far my favorite town in the California Wine Country.  Right on the Healdsburg Square there is a little wine tasting salon that is fabulous, The Boisset Taste of Terroir


Lets talk about this room for a,love,love that chandelier! It is so amazing in person...I definitely need to file in have to have but can't afford file.   And how about those Philippe Starck ghost chairs with the Carrara marble table? Love!

The The Boisset Taste of Terroir wine tasting room has selections of Sonoma wines and Burgundies.  It is an interesting concept, to taste French wines along with California selections in order to compare and contrast them and I think it is a great idea.

Healdsburg Square

Cheers Y'all!  I hope you have a chic weekend that involves some sipping of wine...or champagne...

Images are mine and via The Boisset Taste of Terroir 


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