Friday, April 22, 2011

The Secret Life of Bees

Happy Friday!  I never wanted this blog to turn into a place to write life stories but this one I had to share!  I promise that if you stick through this wordy post, you will BEE entertained!

So, the last few weeks have been CRAZY.  With travel and work and getting the house ready for Easter guests, I have just been running around like mad.  I decided to re-upholster all the living room furniture, fix the outdoor lighting, seal the marble counters, meet the handy man every few days to fix odds and ends and the list goes on. 

I finally feel like things are settling down and I get the furniture back from the upholsterer at 9pm wednesday, the night before my mom and boyfriend's mom come in town and I am feeling good...other than the fact that I will probably re-do it again but that is another story...oh and that we ran over the sprinkler in the driveway on our way to dinner the night our furniture got here and water was gushing like a geyser out of the joke!  I was standing in the driveway in shock and my boyfriend rolled down the window and told me to get in the car, that we were still going to dinner.  So, I jumped in the car mortified that we were leaving all this water gushing out of our yard...I am sure that is illegal in Cali and Cameron Diaz would not approve(she has gotten mad at me before for leaving water running..another story too)

So, onto the bees...I am rushing home last night to go to meet my mom and BF's mom at the house and get a frantic call from my boyfriend saying that we have bees in our living room...what? I think he is for sure over exaggerating.  I get home and we do in fact have hundreds of bees flying in our windows and a cluster that looks like this...INSIDE THE HOUSE THOUGH

So we call this guy...

David from A BEE MAN.  He says he can be there in forty five minutes.  Now we have no idea how in one day we can amass this amount of bees but I am still calm at this point.  Well bee man calls back and says that he cannot make it because Obama is in town and he is suck in traffic!  Obama loves to come and leave during morning and afternoon rush hours.  Last time he was in LA it took me 3 hours to get home.  Out of all days why is he back when I am trying to get the Bee Man over to my house??? 

We decide we will meet the bee man later that night and go to dinner at The Fig and Olive because it is the hot new spot and we have reservations and remember, we have guests in town.  Loved The Fig and Olive and will do a major good review on them soon.  They were so nice and sympathized with our bee story and sat us right away.  EXCELLENT food, decor and services... Loved!

Two bottles of wine later and after my boyfriend's mom told us how she has "dreams" about President Obama and that sometimes Mrs. Obama joins in, then she sang "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" over this balcony at the Fig and Olive Restaurant and we were out the door to meet the Bee Man at the house.

Bee Man comes, tells us the Queen Bee lives in our fireplace and that the bees in our living room are scout bees and that probably 10,000 bees live up the chimney with the Queen.  My boyfriend decides to check the flue and thousands of bees fall into our living room and we run around screaming. So bee man covers fireplace with plastic and goes up to the roof to spray some stuff in the chimney.  Then thousands of bees start dying and buzzing and falling to the ground in mass. BZZZ...BZZ  I still hear it in my head. 

Then Bee Man sucks up all of bees around house and says to leave cover on fireplace for three days and he will be back to vacuum them out later.  We decide to stay in a hotel. 

We come back this morning to more bees flying around and bees in fireplace dying and buzzing still.  We have to go to work so we leave the moms there and promise we will be back for lunch.  I get in the car and surprise surprise I am stuck in Obama traffic because he thinks it is a good idea to fly out of LAX at 9:00am this morning.

I get to work and get a call from moms and they have found a new cluster and more bees flying around?!??!  So that is where I am now and I don't know what we are doing next...

First of all, dead bees stink, who knew?  Second of all, I have guests in town and I am having twelve people over for dinner on Saturday night...have ordered a Ham from Joan's on Third and are we going to still eat at my house knowing that 10,000 dead bees are chilling in the fireplace. 

I'll do a post on Joan's and take pics when I go pick up the Ham...I love this place.
They have chocolate covered peeps....I know!

To be continued....



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