Wednesday, June 8, 2011

LA Design Firm - Kristen Panitch Interiors

I am in love with Kristen Panitch Interiors, an LA based design firm!  I first heard about Kristen Panitch Interiors in a March 2010 House Beautiful Spread and have been a fan ever since.

It was this picture that first caught my eye.  The chairs are covered in a fabric from Michael Smith's Jasper line and we looked at the same fabric for our den awhile back.  Love the lamps in the back too!

What I love the most about Kristen's work is how she takes traditional style and makes it cool.  She puts a modern eclectic twist to traditional decor and I love it! 

Every room she does really feels lived in, warm and cozy which is so hard to do!

Kristen Panitch Interiors also masters the art of mixing fabrics with different prints and patterns!  I love the myriad of fabrics and colors that she incorporates into her rooms.

What an awesome sitting area in a master bedroom!


I am drooling over this bathroom!

Kristen Panitch Interiors has started a line of outdoor furniture...see below...beautiful!

Hope this wasn't too many pictures but I had a hard time narrowing them down!

Images via Kristen Panitch Interiors, got there to see more!


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