Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Travel Tuesday - Esprit St Germain Paris

We stayed at the Esprit St Germain a couple years ago and loved it!  It is located Paris in the hip area of St Germain des Pres on the left bank.  The hotel is walking distance to shops and restaurants and the most beautiful pastry shop I have ever seen!

We landed here last after a two week trip and it felt like coming home!  They try and make the hotel feel like a home and everyone that worked there was SO nice.  We really enjoyed talking to the lady at the front desk and the manager! 

Above is the Library/Lounge area.  This has been remolded since we stayed here.  You can now eat breakfast here...before it was down in a cave-like area.  I think I liked the decor before better but being able to eat upstairs is a big plus!

They have a serve yourself complimentary bar.  Yes, COMPLIMENTARY and serve yourself...this was one of the things that made it feel like home.  You could make yourself a free cocktail or non alcoholic drink whenever you felt like it.  Great place to have free cocktails before going out to dinner.

After two weeks in European hotels, we really welcomed the modern decor!  Our room was SMALL but we did not mind at all.  We were either out or in the lounge area so we really didn't need a lot of space.

Again, we welcomed the modern design of the bathroom and the full shower was great...it was a little small though.

Above is a picture of the penthouse suite.  Apparently they love leopard at this hotel:)

Oh, the only con to this hotel was that there was not a spa when we stayed there.  They had a masseuse come in to give us massages in a small room upstairs and that was not enjoyable.  Not a big deal, just want to let you know that this is probably not the place you want to spend money on a massage. 


  1. Very impressive you're blogging from overseas. Cannot wait to hear more about everything!!!!!!



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