Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hawksmoor London

While in London we ate at one of the coolest restaurants that I have been to in a while...Hawksmoor.

The Hawksmoor has two locations in London and we went to the location in the Seven Dials area of Covent Gardens.

We walked from our hotel and turned down a cobblestone ally...looking at each other wondering if we were lost yet gain.  Then at the end of the alley we saw the entrance above and I immediately knew that it was going to be a good night!

Once through the tastefully done front doors you are in a brick hallway with cool chandeliers that light the way down a stairway leading to the bar and dining room.

I loved the dark wood in the bar and the old school vibe with touches of silver accessories.

The menus are paper with black typewriter print.

We shared the porterhouse steak and chose the fries and creamed spinach as our sides.

The creamed spinach and the fries were AMAZING! The steak was very good but something was missing.  I usually prefer to order the filet mignon at a steakhouse but my boyfriend really wanted to try the porterhouse and our waiter told us that it was really too big for one person so I agreed to share.  I thought that it was a little tough and bland.  Maybe that is the way it is done in a British steakhouse and I was comparing it to some of my favorite steakhouses in LA?  Maybe I would have enjoyed the filet more?  I don't know but I do know that I will go back to this restaurant the next time I am in London.  The service, the decor, atmosphere and the creamed spinach were all so good that it made up for my steak! 

 And they are famous for their burger which I will definitely be ordering the next time I go!

Pictures via addie chinn, the man of mode, bloomberg and independent.


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