Monday, September 19, 2011

Let's take a trip to Capri!

While we were in Positano, we took a day trip to Capri.  We took the ferry boat and it was a pretty easy process.  I think it only took 30 minutes and the bottom of the ferry has A/C...I discovered this on our way back to least we had A/C one way. was August and hot, hot, hot!

Anyway, you pull into the marina above and there is a cute row of shops and restaurants facing the marina. Then we took a chairlift up to the top of Capri.  Great views and much better than taking a taxi up the windy roads!

When you get off of the chairlift, you end up at this beautiful square.  If you look over the side there are beautiful ocean views.  Unfortunately, my pictures didn't come out so great so you will have to use your imagination..

Then we made our way through the town which is made up of these tiny streets packed with stores and tourists.  It was pretty busy when we were there but some streets were quaint and quiet.

I knew Capri was known for being where the heavy hitters play but I did not know that there are so many designer stores....from Valentino to Robert Rodriguez...they have everything!

And it is true that people flaunt their stuff on Capri.  Of course there were tons of tourists in shorts and tennis shoes but we spotted a few people looking fabulous and perfect from head to toe, dripping with jewelry and designer duds.

Did I mention it was hot?  It was so hot that I encouraged my boyfriend to buy an Italian shirt in Italy.  We went into Brioni and the A/C was amazing, not to mention the clothes.  He tried on a handful of styles and finally picked one out he loved...once we returned to normal body temperature:)

The streets had so much character and were so charming.

I really loved this green and yellow building!  Especially the cute windows and balconies.

Okay, so this is not what we expected but out of all the pizzas we consumed in Italy...our favorite one was on Capri!  Our hotel recommended Villa Verde and it was delicious!

I really enjoyed Capri and would love to go back.  There is a lot more on the Island to explore and I have heard that it is amazing at night when all the day us...are gone and the town is quiet and you can just take in the amazing views!




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