Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Travel Tuesday - Colle Bereto

Colle Bereto is a winery located in the district of Radda in Chianti.  We had the pleasure of visiting the  vineyard and the estate on a private tour.  Bernardo is the manager of the vineyard and he could not have been any nicer!  He was such a great tour guide. 

The family that owns Colle Bereto is in the fashion industry which is noticeable while walking throughout the winery, estate and tasting room.  They have impeccable taste and there are amazing details throughout.  It is so unfortunate but I forgot my camera this day!!! 

I found a couple of pictures that I have posted here but unfortunately there aren't any close-ups or interior pictures.  If you go to their website here and look through all the photo galleries, there are some amazing pictures that show you more of the winery.

At the end of our tour we sat outside at a wood table for our wine tasting and Bernardo brought out a plate of local cheese and meats and bread soaked in their amazing olive oil.  Yum!!!  I am getting hungry just thinking about it! 

It was such a perfect day!!!!...OK, it did start out a little rocky for me...too much chianti classico the night before but Bernardo gave some sort or Italian alka-seltzer(because he too sometimes has this problem) and then I was good to go!  If you are interested in the whole story, you can ask my boyfriend...he will be more than happy to tell you the details.

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photos via tipadvisor and winetown firenze



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