Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Travel Tuesday - Viva Las Vegas


We just stayed at the Cosmopolitan hotel in Vegas and loved it!  It is a new hotel that was built as a condo and then turned into a hotel.  The details in the room were very high quality and the decor was refreshing!

The bed was so soft and comfy!  Loved the white bedding with blue blanket.  I also loved the headboard, wood paneling and sconces behind the bed.

Here is a shot from the bed area into the living room and then the bathroom.

Everything they used in the room was very stylish!  Love that they used a blue velvet, tufted sofa!   We felt like we were in our own little condo and not a hotel.

View from living room looking into bedroom.  Nice modern office area to the side of the living room.

Even this console under the TV in the living room was well thought out with cute accessories on top and pink ottomans underneath!


The bathroom was huge!  There is a bathtub right behind the wall that you can't see and the shower was amazing.  The marble and tile they used in the bathroom was beautiful.


Kitchen/Mini Bar

Here is one more shot of the living room.  I just wanted to show that I even approved of the carpet they chose and I would use the leather chair in my own home.  Also, notice the cool books on the coffee table and colorful throw pillows.

Views from the terrace.

I really enjoyed staying at the Cosmopolitan.  They had a great list of restaurants to choose from.  We ate at STK and it was DELICIOUS!  If you go you must stop by the Spa...Amazing!


  1. The details in the room were vegas very high quality and the decor was refreshing!



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