Monday, February 28, 2011

Singita Game Reserve in South Africa

I will admit it...I watch the Bachelor and last nights episode was in Sabi Sands, Africa.  There are 3 girls left and they chose South Africa for the over night dates. 

One of my favorite things to do is look for luxury hotels online.  Last nights episode of the Bachelor inspired me to look for hotels in Africa and I stumbled upon this amazing hotel.

This is the Lebombo Lodge at Sinigita Game Reserve in South Africa.

Below is a picture of the main lounge.  I love how the silver stools make this rustic and modern room have a chic feel.

Can you imagine spending the night in this suite?  I love contemporary decor in the middle of a game reserve.  Also, love the ceiling made out of wood sticks.  Now this is a fantasy suite!

Go to Singita Game Reserve and check out the rest of their site.  There are 9 lodges in different locations and they are all different and absolutely amazing!

Rolling Greens West Hollywood

The West Hollywood Rolling Greens is on Beverly Blvd. If you didn't read yesterday's post then go back and see the original Culver City location of Rolling Greens.  The Hollywood location is more of a home and gift store than a nursery but they do have a variety of house plants and flower arrangements   I think the building was home to a Tire Company before Rolling Greens hence the garage like feel of the store.

On the right side of the building is a section with white painted furniture, beautiful chandeliers, pillows and candles.
Another gorgeous chandelier and bed with beautiful linens.  I love the brick around the arched windows.

Inside the main building there is a greenhouse with potted plants and different house plants.

There is a room devoted to kitchen accessories, glassware and cookbooks.

There are different vignettes around the main building.  Love the grouping of mirrors above.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rolling Greens

One of my favorite places to shop for plants and where I got my boxwood plants is Rolling Greens Nursery.  They are located in Culver City outside of Los Angeles.    Rolling Greens is a living plant nursery with 4 different levels of plants, containers and gardening accessories. 

Above is a picture of the level with most of the outdoor plants.

I not only love boxwood topiaries but I also really like ivy topiaries.  Above is a collection of their English Ivy topiary and plant collection.

They have a large selection of indoor plants.

Lots of pots and containers to choose from.

Rolling Greens recently opened a location on Beverly in West Hollywood.  This location has more home accessories..more to follow on the Beverly location in my next post.

photo credit:,yelp

Boxwood Love

This is my first post so I thought it would be fitting to have it be about boxwoods!
Boxwood is a type of shrub known for its dense leaves and compact shape.  They grow slowly which helps them to easily be trimmed into shapes and decorative shrubs.  My boxwood in the picture above could use some trimming.:)

Boxwoods are often used for topiaries.  I love boxwood topiaries and have some in my kitchen window. 
This is a Smith & Hawken Natural Boxwood Topiary that I bought from Target!  The link will take you to the Target page to buy.  I am not a fan of faux plants but this topiary is preserved and I am not the best at keeping plants alive so I thought I would give them a try!

Ballard makes some beautiful topiaries with fabric leaves.
These preserved boxwood globes are from Restoration Hardware.  They also make nice preserved topiaries.

In my next post I will share my favorite source for the boxwood shrubs that are shown in my blog title and is first picture in this post.

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