Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Travel Tuesday - The Hiltons, Black Eyed Peas and I are all back from Italy

Unfortunately, I do not have a hotel for today because I just got back from Italy yesterday and I feel like this at work today...

In other news, Petra Ecclestone...the daughter of Formula One billionaire Bernie Ecclestone, got married in Italy over the weekend...

At the same castle that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise exchanged wedding vows in...

Will.I.am from the Black Eyed Peas and Nicky Hilton and Nancy Davis all flew home from the wedding on the same flight home with us.

I will try and get back on a regular blogging schedule soon.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Travel Tuesday - Blue Bar at The Berkeley

 We had drinks at the Blue Bar at The Berkeley Hotel while we were in London.  I loved the bar decor!  At night it looks amazing in dim lights.  They have the mirror that is above the bar on multiple walls around the room and they look really cool at night with the blue walls!  I had a sweet tooth so I started with a champagne cocktail made with butterscotch liquor. It was really good! Then I moved onto a lychee and chili martini. It was too hot for me and I couldn't finish it. My boyfriend had the apple martini and it was our favorite! It was not too sweet and had fresh slices of apple and a hint of cinnamon...yum! Service was great and the bar is really cool...definitely worth the stop if you are in London.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Laduree Macaroons in London!

Yes...this happened!  I consumed the entire box!

What a sweet surprise!  I stumbled upon the famous Parisian macaroon shop, Laduree, while walking around Covent Garden in London.  Yum Yum and gorgeous to boot!  I'll do a full post on this beautiful shop when I return!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

When in Rome...

Touchdown Rome!  Gelato and Pizza here I come!  Oh...and of course the Vatican, Pantheon, etc....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Travel Tuesday - Esprit St Germain Paris

We stayed at the Esprit St Germain a couple years ago and loved it!  It is located Paris in the hip area of St Germain des Pres on the left bank.  The hotel is walking distance to shops and restaurants and the most beautiful pastry shop I have ever seen!

We landed here last after a two week trip and it felt like coming home!  They try and make the hotel feel like a home and everyone that worked there was SO nice.  We really enjoyed talking to the lady at the front desk and the manager! 

Above is the Library/Lounge area.  This has been remolded since we stayed here.  You can now eat breakfast here...before it was down in a cave-like area.  I think I liked the decor before better but being able to eat upstairs is a big plus!

They have a serve yourself complimentary bar.  Yes, COMPLIMENTARY and serve yourself...this was one of the things that made it feel like home.  You could make yourself a free cocktail or non alcoholic drink whenever you felt like it.  Great place to have free cocktails before going out to dinner.

After two weeks in European hotels, we really welcomed the modern decor!  Our room was SMALL but we did not mind at all.  We were either out or in the lounge area so we really didn't need a lot of space.

Again, we welcomed the modern design of the bathroom and the full shower was great...it was a little small though.

Above is a picture of the penthouse suite.  Apparently they love leopard at this hotel:)

Oh, the only con to this hotel was that there was not a spa when we stayed there.  They had a masseuse come in to give us massages in a small room upstairs and that was not enjoyable.  Not a big deal, just want to let you know that this is probably not the place you want to spend money on a massage. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

London Calling!

OK...I am going!  I am leaving Saturday for London and I cannot wait!  Here is some British Flag decor inspiration in the meantime!

It has been a crazy month and I am taking a much needed 2 week vacation.  I will still do a few posts while I am away and then hopefully be back to more consistent posts next month.  Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Travel Tuesday - Bernardus Lodge

I can't believe it is Travel Tuesday already!  Today's hotel is Bernardus Lodge in Carmel Valley.  Staying in the Valley is just as good as staying in Carmel by the water because it is almost always sunny in Carmel Valley, even when the coast is gray and cold!

Bernardus also has a winery so immediately when you walk into the gorgeous lobby you are handed a complimentary glass of wine.  Once you get to the room an entire bottle of wine with a cheese and fruit plate is waiting for you!  

The rooms are very cozy and they all have their own fireplaces.  It has been a few years since I stayed at Bernardus and one negative would be that the rooms could probably use some updating by now.  You would probably get over it pretty fast though...after drinking wine and eating cheese by the fire or out on your porch!

The spa was amazing and we had the warming pool all to ourselves!

Other than the spa, my favorite part of the stay was sitting by this outdoor fireplace after dinner.  The main restaurant, Marinus has great reviews but we went into town for dinner so I cannot vouch for them.  The more casual restaurant is Wickets Bistro and we had a delicious breakfast there one morning!

In the middle of the lawn and right next to Wickets' outdoor eating area is a gorgeous lawn where you can play a game of croquet.  It is such a relaxing place...I promise you won't want to leave!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Calypso St Barth Rugs

Thanks to Callie from Calliespondence for reminding me of Calypso Rugs!  They have a great selection and are on sale now!  Now I have a new rug on my radar...

images via Calypso

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rugs on My Radar

I have been trying to decide what type of rug I want for the guest bedroom.  We have sisal in the living room and dining room so I would like to try something different.  Here are some of my faves so far...

Dash and Albert makes a great indoor/outdoor rug that is durable and easy to clean.  They are hoseable, scrubable and bleachable...yes, it is true my friends...with pets and kiddos.  It is also soft and you would never know it is indoor/outdoor! 

Horchow is having a summer rug event with 20% off and free shipping!  This was my favorite and a good price too!

And Last but not least, I am liking how soft and plush this rug from Layla Grace looks.

All the sites linked above have tons of other great rug options.  I didn't have enough time to show all of my favorites!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Travel Tuesday - Auberge Du Soleil!

New Travel Tuesday Series! 

I LOVE staying in hotels...especially luxury hotels and I have not blogged about them enough lately!  We are going on a trip to Italy in August and while researching things to do, I realized how helpful it is when people blog about places they have been.  So, I am going to feature a different hotel every Tuesday.  Most hotels will be places I have stayed so I can give you an insider view.

They will be short reviews with gorgeous pictures but as always, feel free to contact me and I can let you know more about my favorite fab hotels!!

Ahhhh....Auberge du Soleil...the first Travel Tuesday Hotel!  The Auberge is located in Napa Valley.  As soon as you drive onto the property, you know that you are in a special place!  There are rooms in the main house and there are rooms located in buildings scattered around the hillside which makes the Auberge Du Soleil feel really secluded and intimate.  I can't even describe to you how beautiful the sweeping views of Napa Valley are from the terrace at the main house.

We stayed in one of the garden view rooms on the hillside and it was perfect! 
When we walked into the room I was blown away!  It has the most laid back yet luxurious feel...I didn't want to have to even leave the room to go to dinner! 

Speaking of dinner...the Auberge Du Soleil's main restaurant is Michelin rated and is supposed to be fantastic.  We decided to go off property for dinner so I did not get to experience the main restaurant.  We did eat lunch and had drinks and appetizers in the Bistro & Bar and it was great! 

The Spa at Auberge du Soleil is the nicest spa that I have ever been to!  Above is a picture of the courtyard in the spa area and below is a picture of the infinity spa pool.  Amazing!  The amenities are to die for and I had the best massage...ever!!!

The service at the Auberge is excellent.  They planned our day of wine tasting and made all our tasting reservations for us.  They recommended some amazing wineries.  It has been a long time since we stayed here and writing this post is making me remember how special this hotel really is!  If you get a chance to stay here, you will not be disappointed!

P.S.  I am having trouble with feedburner so I hope this goes out to my email subscribers.  If you did not get yesterday's post on La Scala you can see it here.

Monday, August 1, 2011

La Scala Beverly Hills

La Scala in Beverly Hills is one of my favorite restaurants.  It is an Italian restaurant located on Cannon Drive in the heart of Beverly hills.  They have a great spaghetti bolognese but what La Scala is really famous for is their chopped salad.  The Jean Leon Original chopped salad comes with lettuce, salami, mozzarella, marinated garbanzo beans and Leon dressing.  So yummy!

I order my chopped salad with grilled chicken instead of salami and it is delicious.  You can also add tomatoes, cucumbers and many other options...but be careful because each addition is around $1.50 to $3.50 and it can quickly add up to a $30 salad! The dressing is so good and I am always trying to figure out what they put in it.  I just found this recipe on food.com and I am dying to try it and see if it tastes the same.


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