Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Travel Tuesday - Dinner with Jennifer Aniston at Sunset Tower

We went to dinner at Sunset Tower on Saturday.  We were in good company with fellow diners, Jennifer Aniston, Tobey Maquire and Giada DeLaurentiis.

Dmitri Dmitrov(pictured above) is the maître d’ of Sunset Tower Bar.  He whisks you to your table and makes you feel like a celebrity.  After dinner he escorts you out of the dining area,  telling you in his Eastern European accent that he hopes to see you soon, and you feel like you have know him for years.  Dmitri also makes you feel as though you were sitting at Jennifer Aniston's table(not just eyeing her out of the corner of your eye while pretending to be too cool to care)

I love the dimly lit Hollywood feel of the room.  The wood paneling makes it feel so cozy and gives it a little bit of an East Coast vibe.

The food was fantastic!  There are pigs in a blanket on the menu..enough said...and yes we ordered them.

Here are some pictures of the Tower Terrace and hotel rooms.




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