Friday, June 22, 2012

Dear EATALY, I Love you!

I went to EATALY the last time I was in New York and fell in love!  I could seriously spend all day here!
It reminds me a little bit of Harrods Food Hall in London.  I am having some Internet difficulties this week so here are just a few pictures.  I will try and get more beautiful images up of Eataly this weekend!


  1. We have an old market for produce in Toronto {The Saint Lawrence Market} - I think the smart thing that all of these markets share is that they bring it back to basics. The decor is not new and cutting edge {which will become old very quickly} and there is something trusting about food shopping in that environment.
    I love wandering among the grocers that have wonderful products piled high, it encourages me to buy even more. They are smart!!

  2. one more thing I'm jealous of! I visit every time I'm in New York...apparently we are getting one here in LA sometime soon-ish!



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