Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I need help!

Someone went a little crazy at Michael's with the Christmas ribbon!

I am trying to decide which ones I like the best and then I am going back fro another round!  I love the red and white striped one!  The green and white pattern and the brown burlap ribbon are in a tie for the front door wreath.


  1. I love them ALL! Hope that you share pictures of your home decorated for the holidays! Love your blog!

  2. Love the Red and white stripes but I also love the green and brown together...urgh....I think the green and brown will make up better for a door since they are wider.... keep the red and white for inside...or present wrapping...

  3. OOOOHH Lisa! Love the idea of trying the brown and green together!!!! :)
    Anonymous - I will try and post some pictures of the house around the holidays! Thanks for reading!

  4. I love the green and red patterned ones. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your sweet comment. I hope we'll become blog friends!

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